The Marilyn Monroe inspired make-up look

Marilyn Monroe is incredibly famous and rightfully so. Her gorgeous look, from her hair to her shoes, is iconic and recognized worldwide. Plenty of people have tried to recreate this look and now you can do so, too!

What you need

To start off, you’ll need a base. This is often done by applying foundation or concealer, so that’s the first thing you’ll need to have. This is not a necessity, but it’ll definitely give it that extra flawless look. Foundation can be found in cosmetic jars, while concealer is more often found in a rectangular shaped ‘jar’. Secondly, you’ll need some primer for your eyes. Primer is often white, which is actually perfect for this look. The last two things you’ll need are some fake lashes and a red lipstick to really finish the look. One set of fake lashes is often sold in a little box with a few other sets, so you can even decide to go for a different pair than the original.

How to apply

The same order applies here. Apply the foundation and/or concealer first to make sure you have the base. You can do this using a pipette dropper, which will easily apply the necessary amount of foundation on different parts of your face. It’s best to blend this out with either a brush or a beauty blender afterwards. The primer will come after, which is best applied to your eyes with your fingers. It’s the easiest way, while also being effective. Naturally, the fake lashes will come after, using some lash glue to make sure they stick. Last, but definitely not least, is the red lipstick. Applying this will tie it all in and really finish the look that you’re going for.

The extra mile

You can always go the extra mile by recreating certain looks by Marilyn Monroe as well, or even by styling your hair the same way. Maybe even adding a little detail by recreating the mole she has on her face, for a more accurate recreation. Marilyn Monroe has plenty of iconic looks that you can recreate. A simple white dress could already do the trick, but you could also go for a very different look. Hopefully this has been of great help to you and you’ll be able to recreate this look to the extent you want, whether that’s just the make-up or an entire look.