Eva Longoria Shares Her Healthy Way Of Life Habits At 46

She admits that typically she’ll have a chew of her son’s breakfast, typically if it aligns together with her fasting schedule. Longoria shared with Women’s Health that shewears an Oura Ring, which uses pores and skin temperature and movement sensors to measure the length and quality of her sleep. If there’s one thing Longoria believes in, it’s me-time. As such, she makes positive to meditate every single day, typically for 5 minutes, generally for 20. Now, while we don’t advocate indulging an excessive amount of in popcorn and potato chips, olives and pretzels are an excellent snacking choice as they’re both low in calories and olives are wealthy in numerous vitamins, particularly vitamin A and iron. Morning and evening routines might help you keep centered throughout the day.

  • Healthy food swaps Swapping high-kilojoule, high-fat or salty foods for more healthy options is an easy method to increase your health.
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