Healthy Funds Lead To A Healthier Life

Indicators 2.24i, 2.24ii, 2.24iii, three.02i, 4.eleven, four.14i, 4.14ii, and four.14iii have been updated with revised populations following the 2011 Census. This is so as to take away the chance of misinterpretation of counts that haven’t met the validation criteria for these indicators. Benchmarking for indicator three.07 (Comprehensive, agreed inter-agency plans for responding to health safety incidents and emergencies) has been removed as a result of inconsistencies when presenting native authority and comparator data. The capacity to group Local Authorities by their CIPFA Nearest Neighbour has been added to the PHOF knowledge device. Please observe that at present, it’s only attainable to group local authorities by their kind . To send feedback, or to supply suggestions concerning this new characteristic, please

  • In the current study, the intervention group was asked to offer an academic booklet to their members of the family, which we assumed would affect their subjective norms.
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